you:ATLAS is an interactive audio-visual installation by CYLVESTER, together with Mario Simon.

In Greek mythology, Atlas shoulders the firmament and has a firm grip on its elements. But what would the titan do if he could suddenly playfully handle all the lights of the sky and even the sounding spheres of the universe? you:ATLAS is a reactive audiovisual installation inspired by this thought. For a while a person can slip into the role of the titan and gets hands on a visual and acoustic sphere, which surrounds all visitors. With their movements and gestures they directly shape and form the virtual firmament of light, interactive projections and reactive spatial sound.

you:ATLAS was developed during DARK Festival 2021 at Auferstehungskirche, Arnsberg.

Visuals, Light and Interaction: Max Schweder (
Audio and Interaction: Tobias Hartmann (
Assistance and Documentation: Mario Simon (