Das Phänomen Sampling


Das Phaenomen Sampling

Ther terms sampling and sample refer to completely different things. This volume highlights the development of the discourse around these terms, anayses intrumental sampling porcesses and reflects on the practice of sampling as a process of aristic research.
How has our understanding of sampling and samples changed? How is sampling conveyed through instrumental practice? How far do individual artistic practices influence the perception of sampling?
The aim of this approach is to provide the most cromprehensible and accessible way towards an alternative to the previously dominant practice, which seeks to continually re-differentiate the terms sampling and sample through new definitions and establishes them as exclusive specialist terms.

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Hartmann, Tobias (2022): »Das Phänomen Sampling. Eine multiperspektivische Annäherung«. (Musikmachdinge. ((audio)). Ästhetische Strategien und Soundkulturen. Band 5. Hrsg.: Großmann, Rolf und Ismaiel-Wendt, Johannes). Hildesheim, Zürich, New York: Georg-Olms-Verlag und Hildesheim: Universitätsverlag Hildesheim.
DOI: 10.18442/MMD-5.
ISBN: 978-3-487-16028-3.

One Sample Synth

Interacitve Audio WebApp

One Sample Synth is an online synthesizer. It's entire sonic capabilities are based on various manipulations of playing back one single sample value only. The signal processing can be controller with hand movements, made possible by pose tracking via webcam input.

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