Works & Projects

Delaylay – VST3 and AU delay plugin

Get the release here.
Read about Delaylay here.

Delaylay is a wonderful weird free and open source delay plugin.
It features a lot of different delay modes – from Karplus-Strong like synthesis to DAW tempo synced delay lines – on one controller.
Delaylay works in four different modes from simple stereo to spread, detuned, down-pitched and half-timed stereo delay with ping pong effect applied.
Delaylay interpolates smoothly between different delay times, depending on the last delay time set.

Transformation – Westring22 (2020)

Binaural reactive sound-design for Transformation at Westring22 Bochum. The reactive binaural audio is streamed to a website with just 0,1 seconds of latency. So visitors could listen to the sound in perceived realtime with their smartphones, just following one web-link, while interacting with the reactive visuals by Max Schweder, mapped by Mario Simon on Installations created by Natalja Hipke.

One Sample OSC – VST Plugins (2020)

One Sample OSC is a VST Plugin and Pure Data (Vanilla) abstraction, available in two different versions.
Download the latest release here.
Lecture/Talk about the project at ZKM next_generation 8.0.
Read about the project here.